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Insurance claims set to smash NZ record

$203.9 million worth of insurance claims have been racked up this year as a result of extreme weather, according to new figures. With no official figures in for May or June, the country looks well...

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First NZ insurance policy sold by chatbot

‘Digital-first’ company Cove Insurance has sold its first policy via a chatbot, an achievement believed to be an industry first for New Zealand.

Cove Insurance CEO Andy Coon insured his 200...

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Section 9 plays havoc with claims-made and notified policies again

Occurrence-based policies
All liability policies were once drafted as occurrence-based policies i.e. they insured liability arising from bodily injury or property damage ...

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Why do insurance customers have to pay excess?

One in 10 complaints to the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman are about insurance &;excesses&;.That&;s 350 angry policyholders shocked by the excesses their insurer has decided th...

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In insurance, risk means money and data plus machine learning

As with so many other industries, insurance is being disrupted on a digital level, and data is both the cause and the cure for that disruption. The availability of new data sources has created new opp...

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Lloyd's of London to replace Inga Beale with former QBE boss John Neal

The former head of one of Australia’s biggest companies is taking the top job at Lloyd's of London 14 years after leaving the 332-year-old insurance market. 
John Neal, who ran in...

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Report: Case may force insurers to pay up on quake-damaged homes

A new report has shed light on botched home repairs by the Earthquake Commission (EQC) and why insurance companies may soon be forced into huge payouts for quake-damaged homes.Radio NZ suggests...

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Small Mutual P/C Insurers, Insurtechs May Need Each Other

Technology-oriented insurance startups and established small mutual property/casualty insurers may find they are better off partnering than competing.Mutual property/casualty insurance companies...

car hire excess insurance

What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

Many Insurance policies include some form of policy excess where you have to contribute a monetary value while making a claim called as excess. When you hire a car, and want go to a hol...

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Calls for wider insurance disclosure rules

The government’s insurance law review is under way and one insurance expert says the law, especially relating to disclosure, should really be reformed.“As we wait […], it seems timely to d...

why claim excess

Know Why Claim Excess?

Why Claim Excess?
Many policies include excess,excess is the monetary amount that you have to contribute at the time of your claim settlement.Why claim excess, because when you have ...

excess insurance

What is Excess Insurance?

The excess is the monetary amount that the insurer request you to contribute towards the cost of making a claim on your policy. Excess insurance also know as car hire excess insurance is...

claim your excess

claim your excess

Claim your excess
Excess is the monetary amount you have to pay at the time of claim settlement. If you have insurance policy,at the time of making claim you have to pay the e...

car accident Excess

Car Accident Excess

Everything you need to know about Car excess insurance? Car excess insurance policy reimburses you...

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