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One price for all the Age group upto 80.
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Fixed Benefit Cover

Simple Claim Procedure
  • Reimbursement within 72 hrs.

Claim Documents
  • You provide us with test (+ve) from appropriate NZ medical authority.
As soon as you make online payment, you will recieve the Confirmation of Cover(COC).
If you cannot find COC in your email inbox try looking into the junk mail or contact us at bk@claimyexcess.
DISCLAIMER : Fundagroup Insurance Brokers Ltd will analyse the portfolio and the market on regular basis. FOX accountancy Ltd. will manage the trust account and the claim payments.
  • Corona-virus Disease, or COVID-19, the contagious pandemic has shaken the world. Pacific nations are fortunate to be geographically far away from the countries affected the most.
  • New Zealand has acted proactively and timely. Although politicians and  decision makers acted in unison, views of many are that the border security could have been dealt better.
  • It's the appropriate time when new and innovative ways developed by the Private sector/ entrepreneur cum Public sector act together- irrespective of size, place or popularity  . 
  • Let's  all keep up the good work in eliminating the COVID-19 from its root. 
  • In worst case scenario, the search towards sourcing promising vaccine;  should continue. 
  • COVID-19 Cover (c19cover) is  an InsurTech innovation released for a limited period and is based on parametric risk solution providing- fixed benefit.
    With COVID-19 exposure unexplained, its dynamic pricing and availability may change based on the analytical trends and its behaviour.
    c19cover wishes all New Zealanders stay free from this contagious pandemic which has unleashed paranoia across the world and
     urges all to maintain caution and take social distancing seriously. 
  • c19cover is
 - for 12 month period cover
 - It is not an Insurance product; and
 is a need based discretionary product.

Eligibility And Pricing

  • All New Zealand passport holder or NZ permanent resident.

  • Those residing in NZ with a valid NZ VISA.

  • Those who plan to come back soon from overseas- You can communicate at and explain your situation. A referral quote can be considered on case to case basis..

  • NZ $27 price (inclusive of GST) for all the Age group up to 80. For monthly setup payment,a direct debit facility option is available @ 10% extra.

  • Community group/Councils/corporates/SMEs can avail group Cover for its members/employees. Mail at and know more on group discount.

  • You have not taken overseas travel after 14th March 20.

  • You are in the 80 years age group.

  • You have not gone through 14 days self-isolation period, prior to the commencement date of the cover (i.e. after the expiry of waiting period)*.

What is NOT Covered?

Like our other products (CLAIMYEXCESS), Covid-19 not an Insurance product. It is a Limited period discretionary Product. It is distributed as a direct product online. NO broker/agent involved.

Find below the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for below please don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • What are BENEFIT(S)?
  • One price for all the Age group upto 80.
    Dynamic Pricing.
    World over, it's the governments that are controlling the screening, quarantine and treatment processes. The expenses are borne by the authority, which means that the treatment is unlikely to burn a big hole in individual's pocket.
    Being an online platform which means you can buy instantly.
  • What about Compensation?
  • NZ$1000 financial assistance, if Convid-19 is tested positive during isolation/quarantine in NZ medical facility.
    NZ$500 financial assistance, if you have pre-existing breathing ailment and tested positive during isolation/quarantine in NZ medical facility.
  • What about Product Life?
  • Although this limited period cover is planned to stay in the market upto 24th Dec.20, it may discontinue earlier at our discretion.
  • *Waiting Period? Refund?
  • 15 days from the day online payment is physically received in our account. No Refund.
  • Monthly Payment Setup
  • The. Coverage will be on month to month basis. In the event of the claim, the amount outstanding for the remaining period will be adjusted in the settlement.