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Excess Free



Excess Free is for all Insurance Policy. Most Insurance policies include an Excess, whether it’s Insurance for your holiday, your car, your house or your business. Policy Excess is the amount of money you would have to pay out in the event of making a claim.

Excess Free or Zero Excess, means that in the case of an accident or the vehicle being stolen, you do not have an Excess or Deductible to pay. It is common for Insurance policies to include this Excess which may range from Several Hundred to Several Thousand Dollars.

Did you even know that you could cover your Excess on your insurance policy.??
Not many people do.
Excess protection means that if you make a claim on your comprehensive insurance policy, you would not have to worry about having to pay for your Policy Excess.  

Car Hire with Excess Free

With Excess Free cover you can enjoy a full protection for any eventuality that might occur during your car rental with us. If you do not add this extra and then there are damages made to the car on return, you will be obliged to pay for the cost or the repair. Cover for damage and theft are included in the rental cost to the maximum Excess amount.
If you choose the Smart cover, you can then forget about any Excess as any damages will be covered (Except in cases of misconduct or negligence).

For example, if you had a Crash in your Car and the cost of repairs was $1000 and you had an Excess of $100, you would pay $100 and your Insurance would pay the other $900. Our policies include an Excess as standard, but we can give you the option to remove it when you buy your Insurance policy.
Removing the Excess Increases the Price of your Insurance policy a little (usually only by a few dollar). But it means you won’t have to pay us anything if you make a claim. So the $1000 repairs we spoke about earlier, would be completely covered by the Insurance and you wouldn’t pay a penny.


What is Covered in Insurance Policy:
  • Includes CDW - Collision Damage Waiver with Zero Excess
  • Includes Theft Protection with Zero Excess
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • 24-hour customer service
  • No amendment fees
  • No cancellation fees up to 24 hours prior to collection

What is Not Covered in Insurance Policy:
  • Damage to a third party or to the Hire vehicle due to negligence or inappropriate driving.
  • Loss of child seats.
  • Loss/Damage/Theft of keys, jack and vests, windscreen wipers, petrol cap, luggage covers, personal belongings or any other fixed or mobile component of the vehicle.
  • Damage to the engine through negligence.
  • Theft of the vehicle with keys left in the ignition.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle or to persons through driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Fines due to breaking traffic laws and regulations during the hire period are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle.
  • Refueling with the wrong type of petrol.

Our team's hands on experience in bespoke insurance solutions and claim handling makes us #1 preferred choice with businesses and individuals NZ wide.