Claim:  You are making a claim when you ask your insurance provider to repair, replace or reimburse you when something goes wrong. You usually put in an insurance claim by calling the company. They will ask you some questions, and then process your claim. They will check to see if it fits within your insurance contract, and if it does then they will approve your claim.
Excess:  When you claim on your insurance, you will have to pay an excess. The amount varies depending on your insurance contract. An excess is the contribution which you pay towards your insured loss costs, and your insurance company will pay the rest of the agreed amount.By increasing the amount of excess,you may reduce the cost of the insurance premium but you would need to be in a position to fund the excess if you suffered an insured loss.This is the where CLAIMYEXCESS steps in and can assist you in decision making when selecting the Excess amount for your insurance policy and the CLAIMYEXCESS reimbursement amount.

Where the Finance contract is solely taken for the purpose of purchase or lease of the Motor Vehicle and the agreed event happens resulting from the accident, at the absolute discretion of APPSOFT LTD and its terms and conditions, the CLAIMYEXCESS protection covers the shortfall between the Total Loss payments (prior to the deduction for excess or additional premiums) and the pure Balance outstanding with Financier (excluding costs resulting from arrears, penalty interest, late payments and other avoidable costs) up to the arrived amount derived from YOUR risk selection ( stated in the Confirmation of Cover ‘CoC’ issued by Us).