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How does Excess Insurance works

How does Excess Insurance works

What is Excess Insurance?  

Many of time we heard about Excess Insurance, here we can understand what is Excess Insurance, how can it works and how anyone can claim for Excess Insurance.
Insurance policies, such as home and motor, usually come with an excess which is the amount you’ll have to pay if you make a claim.   For instance, suppose you purchase your car insurance policy with an excess of $500, and you have an accident that causes $3,000 of harm to your vehicle. On the of the chance that the excess on your insurance policy was $500, your insurer would ask that you pay the $500, they will at that point settle your claim at $2,500.    
By taking out excess insurance, you can ensure yourself against a portion of these overabundance charges, contingent upon the dimension of overabundance repayment spread chose. So in the model above, you could be repaid for the £500.  

How can it work?

Pick which excess you might want to cover; you can pick between Motor Excess Insurance or our Lifestyle Excess Insurance which gives spread to the excess on home, car, pet and travel insurance
  Select the level of cover you require; choose from bronze, silver or gold   Pay the excess charged by your insurers if anything happens. Ensure you keep all receipts, correspondence and the letter of settlement   Inform the insurance company of your claim once you have been charged the excess and we'll send a claims to structure out to you, or you can download a claim structure by visiting company claims page  

How would I Claim?

We work autonomously to your main insurance company. On the off chance that a case happens on your home, car, pet or travel insurance, you'll have to pay your excess to your main insurer and submit a claim with an insurance company for reimbursement. 
Settle your insurance claim with your main insurer  
Keep your supporting claims data, including your settlement letter from your insurers  
 Reach insurance company to present your claim.

Our team's hands on experience in bespoke insurance solutions and claim handling makes us #1 preferred choice with businesses and individuals NZ wide.