CLAIMYEXCESS is the Offbeat solution to the age old tricky dilemma of INSURANCE CLAIMYEXCESS. CLAIMYEXCESS cover works alongside your lead/main Insurance related to your Business, Home or Car etc. When you buy insurance policy, the insurance company applies excess. This excess (which can be as high as $5000), the insurer will deduct from your claim before sending you the Claim Payment which is not a very happy ending especially after a claim.
CLAIMYEXCESS is a way to soften the blow that the high excess inflicts on your finances, when you lodge a legit insurance claim with your Insurance Company.
Buy CLAIMYEXCESS online at a low cost (less than a CuppaCoffe/month) and the Claim Excess is reimbursed within 3 days of claim.

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We are privileged to work with hundreds of trusted clients who have made countless contribution to the society and New Zealand economy
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i.e. hundreds of hard working family - run businesses including super markets, gas stations, dairy stores, liquor stores, bars, pubs, cafes, auto workshops, contractors, taxi/courier/truck owners, professionals and service providers.
Our team's hands on experience in bespoke risk solution and claim handling make us the most preferred choice with businesses and individuals in New Zealand.
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CLAIMYEXCESS is a digital, discretionary product developed to deliver next-generation parametric risk solution.

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    At the age of 27 he introduced to the NZ market its 1st enterprise grade mobile application. Now after spending 10 months of his married life with vigour, Arjun is back providing rigour to the CLAIMYEXCESS team. comma-icon2

    Arjun, Specialist Digital Product Strategist
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    He is responsible for risk management from a strategic, operational and client perspective. Wasu has over 20 years' experience in providing accounting and advisory services and advice some of the New Zealand's CEOs and Directors in SME space. Wasu is keen trekker and loves playing squash. comma-icon2

    Wasu, Reserves & Risk Mitigation Officer
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    Hedging the risk poll using the Premium Finance Funding helps in protecting surge of claims resulting from any unexpected catastrophic disaster like situation. Hedging is the purest form of parametric risk solution for transfer of portfolio risk without incurring huge cost and 'spreading of risk model' as in traditional re- insurance. comma-icon2

    Payal, Underwriting and Funding Specialist
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    Engineer by qualification and a geek with an iota Elon Musk's touch. With over 25 years of experience in claim settlement and risk mitigation, Mr Sharma support start-ups as an angel investor. Cabchooze Taxi App, NZ's 1st Taxi app is one example. comma-icon2

    B.K.Sharma, Advisory Committee