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All insurance policies (with the exception of Life Insurance) have some form of policy excess, where you have to contribute a monetary value when making a claim. This is to deter people from making unnecessary claims, and in effect encourages people to be more responsible and reduce the potential of having to make a claim in the first place.
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There are two types of policy excess; compulsory excess (a fixed sum that you must pay when making a claim), and voluntary excess (an amount that you agree to pay when making a claim). This therefore means that you can end up paying the sum of the two, which can be significant. CLAIMYEXCESS as a supplemental product works alongside your normal insurance policy and gives you the option to cover your policy excess. CLAIMYEXCESS cost can also pay for itself in cases wherein by selecting a higher excess in your insurance policy drastically reduces the premium. It is worthwhile to explore with your Insurer/Broker the higher excess option when requesting for the new /renewal quotes.
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Hike in Insurance Premium(s)?

Getting insurance every year certainly isn't fun, but it is a necessity. With inflation, claim numbers and the claim value continually increasing, two main issues arise when it comes to a claim.
1. It is likely to increase your premiums moving forward.
2. You have to pay for some of it from your own pocket ( policy Excess).
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What Is Policy Excess?

A policy excess is an amount of money your insurer requires you to contribute towards the cost of making a claim on your policy. This excess will be either ‘compulsory’ or ‘compulsory and voluntary’. With compulsory excess you have to pay the amount required by the insurance company. The amount you need to pay will be based on lots of different factors including previous claims, the type of claim, reinsurance cost factor, your/property age and the amount of time you have been driving (for motor vehicles). This is the part of insurance pricing model, you can't control.
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Having a full understanding of policy excess makes it much easier to get your head around what CLAIMYEXCESS is and how it works.
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CLAIMYEXCESS runs alongside your standard insurance policy and reimburses you for the excess you have to pay on your standard insurance should you need to make a claim. The amount you are covered for is pre-agreed depending on your needs.
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How It Works?

Basically you need to make two claims. You make a claim on your standard insurance and pay your excess up front, and then you notify CLAIMYEXCESS with supported documents as a proof to get your excess reimbursed.
For full exclusion details check PDS document.

How Do I Benefit From CLAIMYEXCESS?

The main benefit to having CLAIMYEXCESS is the savings. You will not only save money when you make a claim on your insurance and get your excess back, but you could also see your premiums lowered if you have opted for a higher voluntary excess on your standard insurance policy.

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